The Character Stein Book was started by Mike Wald in 1996. Sadly, Mike passed away in 1998. His book was near completion but never published. For the last ten years his work has been sitting in limbo. What you see in the Factory section of this site is his work just as he left it in 1998. Much of the text still needs to be updated, and will be changed after the Character Stein section has been completed.

Also, in the Character Stein section, at this time many of the categorys have only a thumbnail photo of the character stein in it. In the near future, all of the information in these sections will be current and up to date. Be sure to check back daily as I will be continually updating the site.

Lastly, I added the Original Old Catalogs section for you to view, and it's complete. This section is a great source if you’re doing any research on antique character steins.

So please be patient. We are still under construction! Check back every few days because I will be adding more daily.


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