One of the few successful stein manufacturers not located in Germany is Ceramarte. Founders Klaus and Maria Erdmuthe Schumacher emigrated from Germany in 1952 to a town in Brazil called Rio Negrinho. They first produced promotional steins, and by the 1970s found a lucrative market in the United States. One of the earliest character steins Ceramarte produced was the Statue of Liberty Head for the 1974 SCI convention held in New York City.

Today, Ceramarte manufactures character steins for companies such as Disney, Anheuser-Busch, and Coca-Cola.Ceramarte steins are made of a fine-grained stoneware and have a matte-like glazed finish. Once you have seen one of these steins, they are easily recognizable.


The character steins produced by Ceramarte are almost exclusively liter in size. Only a few are larger. Sizes are approximate as Ceramarte never used any capacity marks.


To preserve the design flow of Ceramate's figurals, none of their character steins contain lid rims.


Ceramarte uses various marks on their stein bases. Quite frequently, their name appears along with other information. The majority of their figurals are advertising pieces for companies like WEBCO, Anheuser-Busch, Disney, or Coca Cola, so there are times when Brazil is the only identification of the manufacturer incorporated into the base inscription.