Cooper & Clement

In the mid-1980s, Cooper & Clement of Liverpool, New York, offered several series of character steins. The first series featured college football players. These included steins of players from Nebraska, Syracuse, Michigan, Virginia, Penn State, and Ohio State. Each was made with the same character stein body but with different decorations (see figure _).

Next, Cooper & Clement attempted to do the same thing with the 26 major league baseball teams. All of the teams were advertised but only a few reached the marketplace. Those that became available were the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Minnesota Twins, Cleveland Indians, Montreal Expos, and Pittsburgh Pirates. Some of these character steins were first made for Cooper & Clement in the Republic of China, but the majority were made in Taiwan.

All of these steins are ½ liter in size although none of them carry a capacity mark. They are advertised as stoneware and have no lid rims. Most of the figurals carry the base stamp shown in figure__.

Würfel & Müller, or King-Werk, a German stein manufacturer, claims to have made the original samples for the Male and Female Graduate steins, and even advertised them in their catalog. These were part of another line of Cooper & Clement character steins which are listed below.

Female Graduate

Male Graduate