H. Hutschenreuther in Probstella, Thuringia, produced a limited but important number of porcelain character steins. So far, only six designs have been attributed to this factory. Their only identifiable feature is the telltale basemark found on each of the figurals (see figure__). There appears to have been some historical interaction between this factory and that of Bauer-Auvera.

All of the character steins with the Hutschenreuther mark were made in full color and all have pewter lid rims. They were only made in the liter size. In most cases the quality is fairly good, but in some examples, the decoration leaves something to be desired. Each figural is designed very simply so that it could be made inexpensively, and none contain a lithophane.

Bowling Ball
Bowling Ball
Hunter with Binoculars
Tobacco Pouch
Pig in a Bag of Money