KING-WERK, also known as WÜRFEL & MÜLLER

King-Werk, or Würfel & Müller, of Höhr-Grenzhausen was founded in 1949 by Friedrich Würfel and Edmund Müller. The first molds used were bought from older stein manufacturers such as Eckhardt & Engler who had gone out of business. In 1969 a fire storm destroyed the facilities where the molds were stored. Luckily the molds were saved and a new and larger production facility was erected in 1969-1970.

King-Werk is also known as Keramic Internationaler Geltung or Ceramic of International Reputation. Today the factory is owned by the Guenster family and employs about 50 craftsmen. King-Werk was the original maker of the Schultz & Dooley steins for WEBCO. They were produced in the mid-1950s and manufactured by King-Werk until the mid-1980s. King-Werk was also the original producer of the male and female graduate beer steins for Cooper & Clement, which were eventually produced in Taiwan. All King-Werk character steins were made from cream stoneware and hand-decorated.

Other character steins produced by King-Werk were:


Alpine Boot




Munich Child

Wine Witch