Collectors have been fascinated by a series of blue-grey stoneware character steins from the late 1800s bearing the incised basemark LB&C. It is doubtful that LB&C were ceramic manufacturers. They were probably either a Munich pewtersmith, distributor, or retailer who designed and sold finished products.

Because these products share a unique capacity mark with character steins believed to have been made by Hauber & Reuther of Freising (a Munich suburb), it is possible that Hauber & Reuther made the steins as special orders for LB&C. There are other similar traits to further substantiate this theory. It is probable that LB&C was located in Munich because the initials LBCM have been seen on the pewter shank of one LB&C stein (see figure__). The M after the initials would indicate Munich.

All LB&C character steins are made from blue-grey stoneware and are ½ liter in size. All are mounted with a pewter lid rim. The few figurals available were well done. On occasion, enamel paints were used over the stoneware to provide full color.


All LB&C character steins have the same basemarks. They carry the initials LB&C along with the words gesetzlich geschützt in very small letters (see figure__).

Young Swiss Soldier Head

Older Swiss Soldier Head

Russian Soldier Head

Scottish Soldier Head



Drum & Horn*

*Full color over blue-grey stoneware