How the old catalogs can help
and how to use the old catalog section

While our effort to locate and identify new character steins is continually expanding, one of the best guides in this area is original catalog pages. Through the reference of these pages, we can expand our knowledge of factory production and the individual pieces themselves. The compilation of the catalogs is far from being complete. However, what we do have serves as a wonderful way to examine and identify a variety of steins from particular firms.

Before perusing the following catalog pages, one should bear in mind what can and cannot be learned from these documents. For example, steins that are listed under one manufacturing firm may or may not have been produced with that firmís mark. Example, R Hanke and H.Hanke. H Hanke was not the manufacturer of the steins in his catalog but had his own salesman catalog. He may have been a family member or a pewter/finish shop that sold under his name to conceal his source. Another example some of the catalogs have listed steins as one number, while identified production pieces bear another.

Something to keep in mind is that many of the cataloged firms were not sole producers of character steins. The Steinzeugwerke catalog, for example, has pages that are riddled with relief wares but may only contain a few examples of character steins.

The researcher should remember that the provided material is only to expose known cataloged character steins and does not represent all known catalog pages/pieces from that firm. The researcher should be aware of the production discrepancies. Yet, the visual representation of the steins in these catalogs in conjunction with further information on this site will greatly enhance the collectorís knowledge of character steins.

The original catalogs have been organized with respect to the Old catalog pages and then by manufacturing firm. In order to navigate this section, you may left-click on the firm you wish to view below, and you will then be directed to the cataloged pages. Once there, you may click on the individual pictures to enlarge the image.