The name Josef Reinemann of München is a very common one in the world of character steins. For many years, they were referred to as a ceramic manufacturer. Because years of researching Reinemann proved fruitless the focus here is on their character steins. Because their traits are very consistent and revealing, it appears that the Höhr-Grenzhausen stein manufacturer Merkelbach & Wick was responsible for producing the ceramic bodies for the majority of Reinemann's figurals. It is possible that Merkelbach & Wick was also responsible for decorating these stein bodies.

Even though none of the ceramic character stein bodies were produced by Reinemann, they will be referred as a manufacturer throughout this book. Steins bearing their name were special order pieces that were not part of the general product line offered by their supplier. Therefore, because Reinemann designed, commissioned, marketed, and distributed these steins, they are considered the manufacturer. When known, the producer of their designs is also listed.


Probably the most well known and collectable of all of Reinemann's figurals are those from the Munich Child series. The cream stoneware set consisted of seven sizes of a single Child made with either a full-colored face or an uncolored pale-face. Many collectors today attempt to acquire a complete set. The ½ liter size was also made in full-color blue-grey stoneware. It appears likely that all of these ceramic bodies were both manufactured and decorated by Merkelbach & Wick.

Reinemann also sold several sizes of these same Munich Child characters in porcelain. Reinemann must have gone elsewhere for these pieces as Merkelbach & Wick did not work in porcelain.


As a distributor, Reinemann could have figurals made for them in any material they chose. Even though the majority of their character steins are made of either cream or blue-grey stoneware, they also had some made in porcelain and even entirely in pewter.


J. Reinemann catered to the souvenir trade popular in Munich and offered their figurals in many sizes. These run the gamut from one liter down to miniatures. These multi-sized steins are found mainly in the Munich Child series. The balance of these figurals are generally either ½ or ¼ liter in size. No Reinemann character steins larger than one liter have been found.


Most of the steins made by Merkelbach & Wick in cream & blue-grey stoneware appear to carry the same incised basemark. This consists of J. REINEMANN over the word MÜNCHEN plus the often used GESETZLICH GESCHÜTZT, generally in two lines (see figure__). On one of the stoneware Munich Child steins, the JRM initials are incised in an artistic manner (see figure__). On the porcelain Munich Child steins, we find their name in script. The sole exception found to date is on a porcelain Chinaman Head on which the Reinemann name appears in a green circular stamp (see figure__).


Among the many Reinemann character steins is a series referred to by collectors as the Children's Story series. This series is made of blue-grey stoneware and is heavily enameled. The bodies are basically non-protrusive, and the figure is literally painted on. The ceramic bodies of this series are made by Merkelbach & Wick. The entire set appears to be children's steins depicting characters from popular children's stories or nursery rhymes. The King, Queen, Princess, and Jester appear to be from one story. Hanswurst the Clown and Grethl seem to be a match, and one resembles Red Riding Hood (see figures___to___). Many of them are ¼ liter in size, which supports this theory. These are the only Reinemann character steins that carry mold numbers. These numbers were painted on the base by the decorator and range from __ to __. On occasion, we also find M. Sch in paint. This could be a shortened version of Musterschutz.

Hanswurst the ClownGrethl
JesterPrincess with Heart
MarksmanQueen with Flower
Bowling Pin ManKing
Old ManArtillery Shell
Man with DuckRook
WeightlifterMunich Child (colored face)
WeightlifterMunich Child (pale face)
Barmaid (Lisl)Munich Child (blue-grey)
Barmaid (Zenzi)Munich Child (pinhead) ½L
Girl with DollMunich Child (pinhead) ¼L
Red Riding Hood

ChinamanMunich Child
Munich Child
Munich Child