The firm of Albert Stahl & Co. is actually a continuation of Ernst Bohne Shne. In 1937, Albert Stahl, Fritz Hamel, and a Mr. Liebman purchased the factory from the Heubach Company, who had acquired it from Ernst Bohne Shne in 1919. However, no beer steins were produced there from 1939 until 1990.

All of the original molds that had once belonged to Ernst Bohne Shne became the property of Stahl. In the early 1990s, Stahl decided to reissue character steins from some of these molds. Their aim was not to copy the original Bohne figurals in a manner whereby they would be confused with the early pieces, but to introduce familiar steins into the marketplace at a reasonable, competitive price. These reissues were made in heavy porcelain with a high glaze, no capacity mark, and a simple, more modern thumblift. Though recognizable as similar, they could never be confused with an original Bohne character. The figurals were an instant success, prompting Stahl to expand production to other familiar Bohne pieces. In most cases, they used the original early body molds but created simpler lids. In the mid 1990s, they started introducing new, original designs. The figurals became even more popular as their quality increased. While their early figurals lacked the correct coloration, Stahl began to issue some of the early ones with more accurate decorations. We now see Stahl making original designs for Corona Beer, Anheuser-Busch, and Looney Tunes.


Like Bohne before them, Stahl continued to work only in porcelain. However, their current production line of characters all carry a high glaze. They did experiment in producing a few pieces in a bisque finish, but even though a few are illustrated in this book, these are not going to be part of their regular line.


Although none of Stahl's figurals carry a capacity mark, their pieces appear to run from 3/10 liter to about 3/4 liter capacity. Most of them appear to be liter in size.


Those character steins made from original Bohne molds are mounted in the same manner as the originals. They all employ pewter lid rims. However, many of Stahls new, original designs do not. Since these newer figurals are made for collecting purposes and not for beer consumption, pewter mountings are unnecessary.


Stahl marks their bases using a combination of different stamps. Almost any combination of the following marks are likely to be found.

M. Cornell Importers, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for Albert Stahl & Co. in the U.S.A. COPIES OF ORIGINAL BOHNE DESIGNS ORIGINAL DESIGNS Chauffeur (clear goggles) L Corona Parrot Chauffeur (smoked goggles) L & 3/10L Corona Iguana Munich Child L Corona Toucan Skull L Corona Jaguar Skeleton Back to Back Skulls L Xmas House Hobo L Frog Bison L Skull-Woman 3/10L Wrap Around Alligator L Bustle Lady Apple & Snake L Dapper Man Lion Head L Sherlock Holmes (with monocle) Orangutan Head (brown) L Crosseyed Man L Sherlock Holmes Standing Owl L Berlin Bear Cat on Book L Funny Face Owl L Onion Head Mother-in-law L Policeman Fisherman L & 3/10L Dracula Tipsy Monk Head L Cigar Bundle Sausage Man L Skull in Top Hat Radish Head L Bud Frog Owl 3/10L Bud Penguin Man-in-Moon L Bowling Pin 3/4L Pig L Bulldog Smoking Cigar Satan Head L Bugs Bunny Ear of Corn L Tazmanian Devil Monkey Holding Pipe (not apple) 3/10L Roadrunner Coyote Pete