This company was founded in 1893 by Albert Jacob Thewalt in Höhr. Wilhelm Kamp designed Thewalt’s very first beer stein. Production was carried on until the beginning of World War I. Very few beer steins were made until after World War II when the Americans rediscovered the "Old Original Beer Stein.” New markets were created and production resumed. In 1939 the founder died and his son, Albert Johann Thewalt, took over. The factory was passed down to his son, Albert Jakob Thewalt, who is still in control. They are still located on their original site in Höhr-Grenzhausen.

Very few character steins were produced by Thewalt during the early production period. All have been re-issued since World War II, and others are being designed to meet the current market.

All of Thewalt’s character steins are made of cream stoneware and are hand-decorated. All of the original models were made with pewter lid rims. The re-issues are made without them.

Thewalt was scrupulous about marking their old character steins. There is almost always a factory basemark present. Today, although this practice continues where possible, Thewalt omits their name when contracted by American distributors.